Thursday Morning in Glenageary

Thursday Morning in Glenageary

Singing Your Cares Away: 6-Week Course in Glenageary

Thursdays, 11am-12.30pm, 6th October 2016-10 November 2016
St Paul’s Church Parish Centre, Adelaide Rd, Glenageary, Co.Dublin. 2 mins to Dart.

This course is all about connecting with yourself and your voice, being in the moment, letting go of stress, and basking in blissful harmonious sounds. It is open to anyone regardless of singing experience. There will be songs and chants from around the world, playing with the voice, improvisation, vocal production exercises and more. It is not an ordinary singing class, but more a loosely guided meditation using the voice and harmony to bring us in contact with ourselves and with each other.

Open to anyone from age 16-160 years old!! Parents and grandparents welcome to bring small, pre-crawling babies as it is a beautiful thing to sing while holding a baby, or place the baby on blankies (please bring!) in the centre of the harmonious circle.

€75 in advance for the 6 sessions. No drop-ins, but newcomers can attend the first session and then decide to book the course or pay €15 for that session only.
Booking: Payment in advance essential, via PayPal on or contact me about bank transfer/cheque.

Participants have said:

‘Really loved it’
‘Learned an awful lot about musical cultures & practices’
‘I feel it is just soul embracing, and soothing and freeing. You get what you need. I love the magic of that.’
“Lifts your heart”
“I love that it gives you the freedom to make any noise you need to make, on the night, in the moment”
“It really encourages the authentic voice, and spontaneity and I love the whole variety of songs, and as we got to know each other, the improvisation was just so in the moment, and that magical quality, that wow, we’re doing this happens”
“I like that I don’t feel judged”

Facilitated by Rachel Dempsey of Global Harmonies. Rachel has been facilitated singing & voice workshops for nearly 20 years and has a background in Ethnomusicology (MA) and has studied Sound & Music in Personal Development & Healing (2.5 year course with Daniel Perret). She has travelled extensively researching and facilitating music and singing.

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