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Why not organise a half-day, full day workshop or on-going course for your group or organisation? Global Harmonies has delivered workshops for a large number of diverse organisations in its almost 20 years of existence. Please see the following sections for further info on:

The Content of the Workshop:

The content of the workshop can be discussed in advance and is tailored to the needs of the group. Rachel is an experienced and gifted group facilitator, and is at comfortable working with anyone from primary school kids to vulnerable adults to corporate executives. When working with groups and organisations she draws on a long experience of working with groups, musically and non-musically. Her musical workshops weave techniques such as group harmony singing, body work, toning, chanting, improvising, songs from around the world, meditation, freeing the voice, looking after the voice, healing through the voice, Latin American singing, African singing and more. Rachel also has a background in the voluntary sector, primarily as an educator on issues of social justice, community development, intercultural education and languages. She is passionate about using music as a tool for understanding global issues and to enhance intercultural understanding. She currently works part-time in this area with community organisation LYCS. Her approach to designing workshops for organisations draws from her experience working with groups in myriad ways.

 The purpose of the workshop:

Workshops involving but not limited to group harmony singing can be provided, to suit different purposes, for example:

  • For team building
  • As part of an event, festival or celebration
  • To explore personal, community and global themes
  • For confidence building, stress release & personal development
  • To increase a choir’s repertoire or creativity
  • For intercultural understanding & anti-racism
  • For community development
  • As part of the work of a women’s group
  • For ritual and spiritual exploration
  • Training for trainers, e.g. youth workers, community workers, educators

Location, numbers and price:

Depending on availability, any location will be considered, taking into account the distance from Dublin and travel arrangements. Venues should be spacious and well-lit, with a chair for each participant arranged in a circle. The workshops work best with a minimum of 8 participants. There is no upper limit, but for very large numbers charges increase slightly and space must be appropriate. Any age group or profile is considered. Price depends on the length of the workshop, the number of participants, the location and the nature of the organisation. Please enquire for exact quotations.

Examples of recent work for organisations:

NGO/Youth – A weekend training workshop for youth workers for the National Youth Council called Sing Out! Read more here. Jan 2016

Corporate  – A 45 minute singing opener at the Tourism Ireland conference. A surprise for the 140 delegates who ended up singing and swaying in soaring harmonies within minutes. Dec 2015

NGO/Women a 1.5 hour session on using the voice for self-care and stress release with a group of women from Longford Irish Countrywomen’s Association (ICA) – Dec 2015

NGO/Global Education – A two-hour input on Latin America Culture into a course about Latin America Issues for the Latin America Solidarity Centre. This session was largely theoretical but did involve interactive participation e.g. clapping out Latin American rhythms and listening to Latin American music. Dec 2015

Other examples of previous work:

Women’s Groups Workshops using voice and discussion to explore women’s issues and celebrate International Women’s Day for various community sector organisations e.g. LYCS, Banulacht and Southend FRC. 6 months of weekly workshops exploring intercultural understanding and global issues with diverse group of women in Longford Women’s Link.

Working with choirs – I gave a workshop f0r the amazing Sligo Something to Sing About (cancer survivor’s choir) to diversify their repertoire and enhance their musical ears (Aug 2014); global singing styles workshop with Dublin Gospel Choir, weekend workshop to set up a choir with Tinahely Women’s Network.

Working with vulnerable adults and with special needs groups. Examples include singing workshop for Spirasi to mark UN day against Torture, workshop for homeless women for Focus Ireland, workshops for special needs children in Stewarts Hospital, a 10 week course for adults with hidden mental health issues for Soundlink at The Park, Stillorgan.

Working with schools and young people Ongoing weekly workshops with Irish and refugee teenagers for Calypso Theatre; weekly workshops with children at the National Performing Arts School;  workshops exploring Africa through its music for children via Self-Help International; singing workshops with refugee children at Finsbury Refugee Project, London; group and individual singing workshops with aboriginal children aged 10-16 yrs concluding with recording this track at the Yirrkala Community School, Arnhem Land, Australia; workshop with young rap musicians in community radio/arts centre Wayna Tambo Community Centre, El Alto, Bolivia.

How to organise a session?

All sessions are tailor-made for your group. Please contact me here and I will give you a call to discuss your needs.

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