Singing Your Cares Away Online Course

6 week course starts Thursday 4 November

Thursday nights 7-8,15pm UTC/Irish time, on Zoom

Price: €70 for 6 weeks (concessions also available), drop in €15

Booking: See booking below

Join us for a series of ‘Singing Your Cares Away’ singing for wellbeing sessions. These sessions are all about:

  • enjoying singing with zero pressure (and no travel!)
  • boosting your wellbeing, resilience and sense of connection to others, self and nature.
  • boosting your immune system, learning to breathe better, and learning tools for healing through the voice
  • helping to combat stress/low mood/low energy/mild anxiety/rumination/burn out

Whether you just want to sing more, you are suffering from a health condition and you need to boost your healing, or you need to learn to breathe better and improve your lung health, these sessions could be just what you need. Learn more about Global Harmonies Singing for Wellbeing here.

Each session will provide some physical and vocal warm-ups and you’ll be led through a range of uplifting and inspiring songs to sing along to from home. The songs, from many cultures and traditions, capture a message of oneness, nature care and connection, empathy and empowerment. These songs will inspire and uplift you throughout the week, and the simple act of singing will boost your mood and immune system, both really important at this time.

The atmosphere of this class is very relaxed and friendly. Everyone is welcome, regardless of gender, background, ethnicity or anything else. We have participants of all ages from teens to elders, logging in every week. It is all about wellbeing and fun and not about taking ourselves seriously or being ‘good singers’. As you’ll be on mute, you don’t have to think about how you sound to others, you can just enjoy the expression and release.

The facilitator, Rachel, has been running Global Harmonies since 1997, and is a highly experienced and intuitive facilitator. She has trained in sound healing, holistic multi-cultural wellness education and has a Masters degree in Ethnomusicology. She also has experience performing and many years of musical travel and research around the world. 


“I did an online course of Global Harmony Singing with Rachel. It was one of the best courses I have ever done. Rachel has a lovely easy going style of teaching, and we could all harmonise together in the safety of our sitting rooms. I did not think it would work but it did, brilliantly. As someone who struggles with a chronic pain condition the global harmony online course worked very well, as I did not have to travel but still felt the connection with the group on a weekly basis. I hope there will be more courses of this kind in the future.” Patricia , Co Dublin

‘It was an hour in the week set aside to me, enjoying singing and nurturing my soul. Also, being led is lovely, not having to think about the next song, just getting to jump in. The hour was a great reminder to slow down and feel the benefits – the magic in the silence after a song :)’ Participant, Global Harmonies Online Singing

The sessions have become one of the landmarks in my week. Starting with gentle physical movement and breath awareness, leading into the vocal warmups feels like a natural invitation to sound and song. Each song has it’s own emotional resonance which we are invited to sit quietly with before singing again. It’s amazing how much sensing can happen in front of a screen! Surely a tribute to how Rachel has adapted her skills to this online platform. Trish, Killiney

Rachel is an extremely skilled facilitator. In fact she is one of the best facilitators of singing that I have ever worked with. She enables absolutely everyone to enjoy singing, to participate fully and to feel successful and joyful in using their voice. She is so inclusive of all levels of skills, fears and abilities and she does it with such ease and fun. Rachel had a deep knowledge of the background of the songs, giving insight into a range of languages, cultures, traditions and beliefs which enhance the whole singing experience. I think everyone should be lucky enough to experience Rachel’s workshops at some time in their lives and they will be all the richer for it! Lorraine, Howth

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