Singing for Well-Being

4d10a0ccd7ad9af135040dda077201aaSinging is fantastic for you! It is now being discovered that people who sing regularly are happier, healthier and live longer than non-singers. Group singing has been scientifically proven to lower stress (lowering cortisol production), relieve anxiety, and elevate endorphins. It is energising and calming at the same time. Amazingly, the ‘love’ hormone, ‘oxytocin’, which helps people bond with one another, is released during group singing. It is also reported that heart beats also synch up when people sing together! These are some of the reasons that feelings of trust and closeness are often reported after singing with others.

Rachel began exploring the link between the voice and healing while a student of Ethnomusicology in Queen’s University Belfast in 2000 and wrote her MA dissertation on that topic. In 2008-2009 Rachel participated in a training entitled ‘Music & Sound in Personal Development and Healing’ with Swiss musician/music therapist Daniel Perret, over 2.5 years. Through this course she gained an understanding of how music and sound effect energies, of how to work with the elements and music, improvisation for personal development and more.

Rachel has delivered various workshops and courses with a focus on harnessing the amazing potential of singing and voice work for personal transformation, development and healing. Some of the techniques that we explore in such workshops are toning, chanting, mantra chanting, improvised singing, dance, chakra purification through voice, laughter rituals, freeing the voice, over-toning chanting and more.





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