Feedback from Organisations

Global Harmonies has provided workshops for a variety of organisations over the years. Here is some feedback received around specific projects. It may help you to decide if Global Harmonies would suit your organisation:

 “I thought your session was wonderful and the exercises before the song really unleashed a lot of pent up frustration after two speeches that went way over time”. Organiser on session at International Women’s Day Conference 2008

 “I love this woman, The kids are still talking about the sessions. You could see the joy in their faces, especially the ones from outside Ireland, who felt recognised by the facilitators. It was the event with the most impact all year”. Home School Liaison Officer on 5 Musical Journey sessions with fourth class in Queen of Angels School, 2007

“A very interesting and magic way of getting a group to sing together in harmony and sounds and as a means of social change.” Participant at Banúlacht International Women’s Day Conference, 2007

“It was a lovely experience. We sang songs asking the men for our voice to be heard in the society; we talked about freedom for women, stop abuse, equality etc.” Participant at Banúlacht International Women’s Day Conference, 2007

“I liked the introduction to various ethnic songs of which I was not aware, I liked seeing colleagues in a different situation, so different than anything work-related”.European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, Lunchtime singing session for staff members Jan-March 2008

“Certain bond develops between members of the choir which may not have existed before – inhibitions disappear when you have to stick your tongue out at someone in front of you!!” European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, Lunchtime singing session for staff members Jan-March 2008



“It was a very positive and powerful experience for both the clients and the staff of the centre.  We were trying to achieve an atmosphere of dignity and respect and this singing workshop really set the tone for the day.  While we wanted acknowledge that torture exists worldwide and also acknowledge the experiences of our clients we also wanted to create a positive atmosphere.  We were also aware that our some of our client’s are very vulnerable and we did not want to overwhelm anyone. Rachel’s approach really matched our needs, it was a very non-intrusive, respectful approach while also somehow managing to draw in and include every single attendee.  By the end of the session the whole group were holding hands and singing in unison, Rachel managed to create a bond that day between a large group of people and I really noticed the atmosphere change after our singing experience, we went on to have a wonderful day”. Organiser of a event for The Centre for the Care of Survivors of Torture (CCST) clients at Spirasi


“It [Global Harmonies workshop] provided a concentration of positive and unifying energy to the event. The methods used by the facilitator helped the participants (approx 15 – 20 in each of 2 workshops) to overcome shyness and express themselves creatively. Having taking part in this workshop opened the participant individuals and organisations to engaging with this type of work in the future. The facilitator puts the participants at ease and concentrates on people using their voices regardless of ability – therefore the workshops were accessible to all and not in any way directed only at people who are “good singers”. All of the participants sang together and there was no highlighting of “better singers” etc. Everybody had fun and felt confident in themselves and helped our event to finish on a note of high energy and optimism. We were extremely happy with the workshops and continue to receive very positive feedback on the workshop and on the style of the facilitator and would absolutely recommend the workshop to other organisations. Organiser of International Women’s Day Celebration,  Southend Family Resource Centre, Wexford

“I changed from attending the anti-racism to the singing workshop. Absolutely amazing, definitely a wonderful tool for breaking down barriers and bringing people together in a fun way” Participant at Global Harmonies workshop at National Youth Council of Ireland ‘Making the Connection: Creative Approaches to Intercultural Dialogue in Youth Work’ seminar



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