Global Education Through Music

Music is an excellent tool to explore what is going on in this unjust and interdependent world or ours, and to empower groups to participate in creating a better reality.

Global education encompasses development education, human rights education, education for sustainability, environmental education, peace education and intercultural education.

Sample Workshops Provided:

Songs for Change  – In this workshop we explore the powerful role music and singing has played in promoting social and political change around the world. We try out some vocal exercises designed to free the voice and then listen to and try out some songs and chants from around the world. The workshop can include participants writing some original chants about the issues that concern them.

Listening to Indigenous Voices – In this workshop we explore indigenous cultures from around the world through their song, music and dance. We look at their resilience in the face of oppression and the strong message native peoples have for the rest of the world in terms of looking after nature and the planet.

Celebrating Songs of Women – a popular workshop for International Women’s Day events, this workshop gets groups singing songs from around the world which are for and about women and their rights.

Earth Songs – a workshop about sustainability and climate justice, through the medium of singing and music.

Using music in development Education – a trainer for trainers in using music in global citizenship education, development education, human rights education and intercultural education. Can be adapted to suit teachers in training, primary teachers, secondary teachers and adult/community educators.


What are the advantages of using music in Global Education? 

  • Accessible, safe and fun
  • Engages body, emotions and mind
  • Appeals to people of all ages
  • Can be used in various different ways
  • Promotes empathy
Palestinian Musicians – the last fifteen years have seen music in Palestine rise from being the sound of struggle to a celebration of emerging statehood

How is music used in a session?

  • learning to sing new songs
  • seeing and hearing new instruments
  • discussing lyrics, song styles, instrumentation
  • listening and reacting to music (physically and verbally)
  • working with maps, drama work and games
  • working with images of musicians and performances
  • looking at the evolution of various music types (e.g. slavery and music in US, nationalism and music in Brazil, censorship of music in Afghanistan)

What is provided?

Are you looking for a unique way to approach issues of diversity and tolerance in your organisation? Global Harmonies provides once-off tailor made sessions or longer courses as well as training for teachers and other educators. Sessions can focus on songs, instruments, regions, themes or events. Sessions are suitable for primary schools, secondary schools, third level institutions, youth groups, public sector organisations, corporate sector organisations, community groups, ethnic minority, anti-racist  or intercultural organisations, development education providers and campaign and pressure groups and other NGOS.

Global HarmonyPrevious Sessions:

Rachel Dempsey has facilitated workshops and training for trainers in this field for various organisations. Some examples include:

Training for trainers:

  • Workshops for trainers and returned volunteers in use of music for campaigning and education on global issues for Comhlamh
  • Sessions for primary school teachers through the Comhlamh/DICE ‘Diversity through the Arts’ programme in Colleges of Education around Ireland.
  • Training for lecturers in music in Colleges of Education through Comhlamh/DICE ‘Diversity through the Arts’ programme.
  • Workshops for the Africa Centre, with a group of Africans undertaking a training in development education

Sessions for groups:

  • Sessions for adults as part of Latin American Development Issues course in Ballsbridge College of Education and various other sessions through the Latin America Solidarity Centre
  • Workshop on Latin America Through Its Music for the Festival of World Culture, Dun Laoghaire
  • Schools work: Monkstown Educate Together, Lucan Educate Together; St Josephs Portmarnock, Loreto Bray; North Bay Educate Together amongst others.
  • NGO work e.g. ‘Africa through its music’ at ENFO/Africa Framed exhibition
  • Workshop called ‘Brazil through its music’, for Ballyfermot Youth Service
  • A series of workshops for children at the St Michaels Youth Service, Dublin exploring global food issues through food, culminating in a performance.

How to organise a session?

All sessions are tailor-made for your group. Please contact me here and I will give you a call to discuss your needs.


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