What is GlobGlobal Harmonies Logo v4al Harmonies?

Global Harmonies is run by Rachel Dempsey, and provides workshops to promote individual, community and global transformation through music, singing & voice work. Based in Ireland, Rachel has worked with a huge variety of individuals and groups including over-55s, trauma survivors, children, migrants & refugees, women’s groups, indigenous groups in Bolivia and Australia, corporate teams, arts organisations, community organisations and more.

What is on offer?

Global Harmonies events take place mainly in Dublin and Wicklow, and include half-day workshops, one-day workshop, weekend Women’s Harmony retreats, evening courses and also bespoke workshops for organisations. To find out what is currently on offer and to book a workshop see here. Workshops in the use of music & voice in community and global transformation are also offered periodically.

The approach:

All workshops and classes are inclusive, nourishing, supportive and safe. They are open to all regardless of any notions of being a ‘singer’ or not. The sessions are about finding your authentic voice, being present in the moment, reaping the health benefits of singing, tuning into yourself. More of a personal development journey, they are not about singing ‘better’ or learning songs. Instead the classes help you to free up your voice and discover it as a tool for healing and transformation. The workshops are also about strengthening community and finding togetherness and belonging in the group, whether it is a work team or a group of people who don’t know one another.

What to expect at a workshop?

Depending on the needs of the group and the focus of the workshop, Rachel uses a mixture of breath work, body exercises, group harmony singing, chant and mantra, toning, improvised singing, dance and movement, ritual, energy work, sound baths, group reflection and stillness. There are almost always new and not so new participants at each workshop but by the end, a sense of deep connection has been achieved, so no one need worry about attending alone or lacking previous experience. Additionally no-one is expected to sing solo, to have a ‘good’ voice or to do anything they are not comfortable with.

About Rachel

Rachel has been running Global Harmonies since 1997, and is a highly experienced and intuitive facilitator.  She has trained  in Sound Healing and has a Masters degree in Ethnomusicology (see dissertation on the healing voice here) as well as experience performing and many years of musical travel and research around the world. Read more here.

‘It really encourages the authentic voice, and spontaneity and I love the whole variety of songs, and as we got to know each other, the improvisation was just so in the moment, and that magical quality that wow, we’re doing this happens, it doesn’t happen every day, every where’ 

Participant, Singing Your Cares Away evening course

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