One Voice Transformational Journey

One Voice Transformational Journey, Oct 2016-Oct 2017

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Join a tribe of like-minded people who want to make a difference through singing and voice-work. This is a year-long experiential journey to explore how singing can transform ourselves, the communities around us and even the world!!

This journey will be about

  1. PERSONALLY EXPERIENCING the powerful healing effects of the human voice (singing, toning, chanting, improvisation etc.) for ourselves
  2. Creating opportunities to bring this transformational tool out into the COMMUNITY by identifying organisations and groups which could do with an beneficial dose of singing, chanting or toning e.g. hospices, nursing home
  3. Through music, singing, discussion, videos and reading, we will becoming more informed about and inspired by GLOBAL CULTURES, especially indigenous ones, which can teach us so much about living more sustainably and in-tune with nature, crucial at this point of planetary social and ecologically crisis. We will pay special attention to the many examples from around the world where communities are using MUSIC as a way to bring about positive transformation.

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