‘LifeSongs: Singing to Connect People & Planet’ Online


 This course is for anyone who loves singing or wants to sing more, and especially those who long to connect more to themselves and to others.

It is also for people who find meaning in values such as cooperation, empathy and nature, and want to find creative ways of expressing these concepts.
This will be a relaxed, fun and safe space for everyone, regardless of age or abilities, to slow down, express, sing, move and experience connection. 
We will learn beautiful harmony songs and chants from around the world, especially those which capture a message of oneness, nature care and connection, empathy and empowerment. Group singing, regardless of vocal talent, is one of the most beneficial practices we have in terms of raising our mood, dealing with depression/anxiety and boosting human connection. And as many are experiencing, this is much needed at the moment, in these times of uncertainty, ecocide and division. 
Inspired by the Capacitar tradition of holistic wellness practices, we will also use breathwork, chakra work, sound healing practices, simple tai chi movements, visualisations, finger holds and various other practices.
This course will be uplifting, will help you feel you are responding in some way to the madness you see around you, and will increase your resilience.
As the course progresses, we will decide whether we want to raise our voices in a more public way to inspire others in this journey to protect life on this planet.
To Book:
Payments for this course can be made here via PayPal. You can also email me to organise other payment methods to secure your place.

LifeSongs Jan 2020

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