Saturday Workshops

  • Chakra Chant & Vocal Sound Bath

    10am-2pm, Saturday 9th December

    Clonlea Yoga Studios, 28b Sydney Ave, Blackrock

    €65/€55 early bird till midnight Saturday 2th Dec

    If you would like to be deeply relaxed yet feel a buzzing of energy in your body from feet to forehead, come along to this half day workshop, which is open to all adults. You don’t need to have any singing or voice-work experience and no one will be asked to sing solo. You will experience the healing power of vocal sound, and the workshop will bring you on a global journey through your chakras or energy centres, through simple vocal exercises, movements and chants from around the world.

    According to Time magazine “when you sing, musical vibrations move through you, altering your physical and emotional landscape”. Come on a musical journey from Africa to India to harness the power of vibration to recharge yourself on all levels. We will move through the chakras (energy centres) drawing on grounding, sensual, powerful, heartfelt, expressive and spiritual chants and songs from diverse cultures to help integrate ourselves. You will learn some simple yet powerful vocal exercises and mantras (short repeated sung sounds or words) to balance your energy centres (chakras) and will be given handouts and links to enable you to use them at home as a personal self-care tool.

    We will also give each person a vocal sound bath – the gift of lying, sitting or standing in the centre of the circle, and being sung to by the group. Ask the group for a chant, a mantra, a mood, a vowel sound or an improvised mix then close your eyes and be immersed in vocal sound. This is a deeply relaxing and nurturing experience and many participants report having insights, seeing beautiful colours, letting go of emotions or simply feeling blessed and blissed out.

    Some feedback about Rachel’s facilitation:
    “Rachel, you’re an amazingly connected facilitator. You intuitively know what we need, follow your gut, allow what needs to happen happen, go with the flow with each love and connection”

    “Very powerful work, facilitated with grace, humour and real groundedness”

    “Rachel, you are a natural embodiment of sound and voice”

    “Fabulous facilitation and down to earth facilitation”

    “Fountain of knowledge, relaxed, deep”

    “What attracted me was Rachel’s musicality and dynamism”

    “Rachel is a super facilitator, huge knowledge, fantastic communication skills, cannot commend her highly enough”

    “Loved your abandon! Energy is contagious. All body involvement is so good.”

    “You are a great workshop facilitator”

    “Rachel’s approach is incredible”


    Saturday Workshops

These are held once a month in Clonlea Yoga Studios in Blackrock. See dates below. While the theme might change slightly, they are all open to all regardless of vocal experience, and are a lovely mixture of:

  • toning on vowels
  • healing the chakras through sound
  • breathing, stretching and energy awareness exercises
  • deep meditative chanting followed by restorative silence
  • learning about musical cultures and wisdom from around the world
  • harmony songs for change and transformation, personally and globally
  • indigenous songs with movement and percussion to connect to mother earth
  • sound baths for individuals to receive sound energy and love from the whole group
  • improvisation and exploring ourselves and our connections to others through free vocal expression

Upcoming Workshop Dates:

Jan 27th 2018- Clonlea Yoga Studios, Blackrock

Feb 24th 2018 – Clonlea Yoga Studios, Blackrock
Mar 24th 2018 -Clonlea Yoga Studios, Blackrock
Apr 28th 2018 – Clonlea Yoga Studios, Blackrock
May 26th 2018- Clonlea Yoga Studios, Blackrock
Jun 30th 2018- Clonlea Yoga Studios, Blackrock
Booking & Payment:

€65/€55 early bird. Booking in advance is required and is non-refundable (except if event cancelled or changed). You can book here by PayPal (please also email me to confirm which workshop you’re attending) and you can also contact me at for enquiries and other payment methods.

Saturday Workshop

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